Dan Bullock (December 21, 1953 - June 7, 1969) was a United States Marine and the youngest serviceman killed in action during the Vietnam War, dying at age 15. He was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina where he lived until about 12 years old when his mother died. He and his younger sister then moved to Brooklyn to live with their father and his wife. Dan had said he wanted to become a pilot, police office or a U.S. Marine.
     When only 14 he altered the date on his birth certificate to show that he was born December 21, 1949. He processed through the recruting station and enlisted in the Marine Corps. He was a member of Platoon 3039 at Parris Island. At first, he struggled to make it through, but was able to do so with the help of his fellow recruits and graduated boot camp on December 10, 1968.
     PFC Bullock arrived in Vietnam on May 18, 1969, and was assigned as a rifleman in 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon, Company F, 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was stationed at An Hoa Combat Base, west of Hoi An in QuangNam Province. Less than a month later, on June7, 1969, Bullock and 3 other Marines were occupying a bunker near the base airstrip when People's Army of Vietnam sapper unit attacked the base at night, throwing a satchel charge into the bunker killing all 4 Marines. Dan bullock was just 15 years old.